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The email marketing advantages are well documented and deserved. Email Marketing is arguably the quickest, most cost effective method to get your advertising message out to a vast audience of new customers. Most successful Email Marketing campaigns see success almost instantly. email marketing campaign lets you keep your marketing tools!! (your email list) and continue building upon it as you develop your message and brand. Let us help you market your business or service by providing you a fresh quality driven "verified" email list. We provide many different list and categories.

The Lists we provide are always verified, opt-in, and compiled each day monday through Friday so we can always provide you new fresh verified email data. We have the lowest pricing and the best "freshest" quality lists available. When you purchase a list from us you keep the email list to use again and again. You can easily upload the data lists to your own bulk email software system or use our system to send emails 100% Can-Spam compliant and with ease. The emails list provided to you are in Microsoft Excel format and are sent to you via email as a downloadable link

All Bulk Email list purchases are a one time order and you own the list, these lists are USA Consumers. Your order will be sent to your email address as a downloadable link. Why is our list pricing so much cheaper than the competitors? Its because we appreciate a long term clients relationship over a one time sale, we feel if you achieve success in your email marketing campaigns we will acquire your business for the long term. This is a business model that makes sense for both of us! Opt In Data Source Partners: View Partner List


What to expect once your order is received?

1. You will be sent confirmation we have received your order. You can reply back to any email you receive from us and reach a "real human" at anytime, free support is always available.

(All email lists include Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, IP Address, Date & Time & website source)

2. Accounting will confirm payment details and process the order, you will receive a receipt for your records. If we have any questions we will contact you regarding your order.

3. Your order will be sent to you within 24hr to your email address provided on the order. We keep an ongoing records of all orders so every time you order emails from us it will be a new fresh opt in list of emails. The lists are send in MS Excel CSV format and are the standard compatible format for most bulk email software programs. We will also send you information on how to use our bulk email software with your order.

Buy Bulk Email Lists Pricing Chart "General" USA Consumer Email Lists.

Your order will be sent to your email address within a few Business Hours.

Email List Size
100% Opt-in emails
5,000 Consumer emails
12,500 Consumer emails
25,000 Consumer emails
50,000 Consumer emails
100,000 Consumer emails
150,000 Consumer emails
250,000 Consumer emails
500,000 Consumer emails
1,000,000 Consumer emails
1,500,000 Consumer emails
2,000,000 Consumer emails
5,000,000 Consumer emails

Your Email Address will NOT be SOLD and is used for our purposes of communicating with you regarding services on this website. Your information is 100% secure with us and is kept confidential and internal. If you have any questions regarding your privacy please read our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer.