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There are no additional fees or charges, list orders are a onetime purchase and you own the list. All taxes and fees are included and you will not be billed again for this service. You can choose to order as little or a much as you want. We currently have over 5,000,000 records available in this Health & Nutrition Category.
Health & Nutrition Email List a highly targeted database that will prove results for anyone looking to promote to this type of market.
All USA Email Data is Verified and over 95% Deliverable. We use many advanced methods of email verification to ensure the data we provide you and your company is the best quality data available anywhere in the world. The lists are yours to keep, and can be easily uploaded into any bulk email software. Each time you order a list with Verified Emails Daily it will be New, Fresh, and unique Data.

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1. You will be sent confirmation we have received your order. You can reply back to any email you receive from us and reach a “real human” at any time, free support is always available.
2. Accounting will confirm payment details and process the order; you will receive a receipt for your records. If we have any questions we will contact you regarding your order.
3. Your order will be sent to you within 24hr to your email address provided on the order. We keep ongoing records of all orders so every time you order emails from us it will be a new fresh opt in list of emails. The lists are send in MS Excel CSV format and are the standard compatible format for most bulk email software programs. We will also send you information on how to use our bulk email software with your order. Opt In Data Source Partners: View Partner List

There are no additional fees or charges, list orders are a onetime purchase and you own the list. To order this list you simply click on the corresponding buy now button below and follow the simple step. We will send your list ASAP.

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