New Domain Name

When setting up your new Verified Source Inc Software account we will register a domain name on your behalf using the business name and address that you supply. If the domain name you request is not available we will pick an alternate domain name to register as close as possible to the domain name you request. We cannot use an existing website name. A common setting on mail servers is to do a lookup on the domain name to see if the sending server is an authentic source of email. Your website mail server address is different than the address of our broadcast server. This will cause mail to be rejected and your success rate will suffer. For example, we could easily have our servers identify themselves to be sending email from . However, a recipient server needs only to look up the address of the mail servers of to determine the email is obviously bogus and discard the message. Due to the number of phishing scams recently this setting is becoming more and more common. Legal compliance, Optout/Tracking Functionality, manageability of return traffic, and protection from viruses are also valid reasons.